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Shishandra Devlin


With a keen eye for detail, Shishandra Devlin is the creative mind behind her brand Fashioned for Hem. With over 15 year career in customer service that includes managerial, advisory, and auditing roles. She has received numerous awards for providing exceptional customer service.  Shishandra is a graduate of Florida State University, where she received her B. A. in English.


 A little bit more about Shishandra is with her free time she enjoys volunteering, sewing,  and encouraging others to go after their dreams.  Also, she has a love for fashion and all things pertaining to shopping, refashioning, and thrifting. A new found love for SEWING. Hence, the name "Fashioned For Hem." When she is not recording videos for YouTube or writing. She enjoys creating budget friendly outfits that are thought-provokingly cute, yet economically savvy= STYLIST!  She believes it is not about the clothes but how you ROCK it!!


In addition, she has helped organized events and projects with Temple Fit by Dr. Asha.  She is actively involved in her local church as a community service team member, Sunday school and bible study teacher to the youth.  Also, she is a proud member of Tallahassee Real Talkers Toastmasters club.  To check out the latest vlog or YouTube video please visit her channel at


Follow her throughout her journey as she  continues to grow and embrace her faith, talents, fashion, style, and beauty.





About Shishandra Devlin


"Embrace God, Love You, & Be Fashioned For Hem"


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