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The Power of Positive Thinking

I'm sure you hear it! Think positive, speak positive, and affirm yourself positively. That is easier said than done. I'm learning as I speak with family, friends, and co-workers we sometimes don't think about what we say or how we say it, We think about life and our current situation that may not be favorable disappointment, or heartbreak.

I know I get it, I have been there and even when others may point it out that I should think positive or speak positive, Yeah, I have vehemently rolled my eyes.

Because it doesn't happen overnight. Yet, I am here to be one of those people you may get annoyed with or see them as "too happy go lucky," "too faith driven," or "a positive Patricia." It works and as cliche as it may sound "You are what you think."

As a believer I see faith being built on a positive hope. A hope that exceeds what we can see. A hope that we can speak and put in the necessary work to achieve a positive and favorable end. So this is a gentle reminder that there is POWER in positive thinking.

Not only does it affect your outlook on life but it has an impact on your relationships, how you interact with others, and how you feel.

You see I use to think Positive Affirmations were corny. Why did I need to tell myself what I already knew?? Looking in the mirror and speaking positively about me. Who does that?!? I was foolish and a little immature. I may not have vocally expressed it but I thought it was different and not for ME. ✋

Over the past 7 years I changed (Thank God For Jesus) I think positive affirmations, positive thinking, and having a positive outlook on life allows you to not only see how you can change your situation but actually do it.

It keeps you focused on the "I Can Do It" attitude instead of the possibilities of the negative thinking that comes

along with "What If's."

Those "What If's" are usually accompanied by self-doubt, negative thinking, and complacency. Those "What If's" will have you focus on failure. Unless you take those "What If's and turn them into "What If I Succeed, What If I am Great, What If this is exactly what someone needed to hear?" That is positive thinking.

I usually will give a list of tips of "How To's" yet, I believe if you are reading this you understand that there are MUCH MORE possibilities when you understand the POWER of POSITIVE THINKING.

Allow yourself to speak it, see it, do it, and be it.

"Embrace God, Love You and Be Fashionably Positive!"

Love Shishandra D.


Shishandra Devlin is the writer, poet, fashionista, and creative mind behind this avenue.  She loves to create budget friendly fits through shopping, sewing,  or thrifiting that are thought provokingly cute, yet economically savvy. 

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