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Flat Twistout on Natural Hair

Hey, Fashioned Fam!! Today, I am sharing with you all how I complete a flat twist out on my natural hair. My natural hair type is a 3C/4A combination. I've been natural over 4 years. I like it though it is work. I would never go back to wearing a relaxer. When I wore a relaxer I felt as if my hair would never grow past a certain length. In addition, my ends seemed always split and my hair would break off easier. Not that I am natural, my hair has grown past my shoulders and it's healthier.

I do wear a lot of protective styles such as wigs, braids, or weave extensions. Yet, I wear protective styles to give my hair a break from the heat and it helps it to grow. Normally, I will complete 8 months with minimum direct heat from a flat iron. I will sit under a hair dryer, if it is needed for the style I want to achieve. I've seen great results with the 8 months no heat challenge I complete. I didn't get this challenge from anyone else, it is just a personal preference.

Below you can see my hair after the flat twist out had been worn for half a day.

Here you can watch my flat twistout tutorial:

The products I used to achieve this twist out:

Lotta Body Moisturize me Curl & Style Milk Lotta Body Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Trader Joe's Unrefined Coconut Oil Curl Perm Rods Wide Tooth Comb

My hair in the twist out in the video was not completely dry. My hair is considered high porosity and it takes longer to dry. I liked the outcome of the twist out. I always suggest to others that what works for me, may not work for you. Especially, since our hair type may be different and I only use certain products.

Tips for Natural Hair:

1. Transitioning: Remember that this maybe a time where you become frustrated with the growing out process. Don't give up! I remember attempting to wear my hair while transitioning, it looked crazy. Yet, I still gave it a chance or I would wear a protective style.

2. Becoming a Product Junkie: While transitioning I didn't know what products would work on my hair. I didn't know anything about hair type or porosity. I took a day and researched natural hair. Yes, I purchased products that would not work for my hair. It will be trial and error. I would suggest purchasing sample or travel size of natural hair care products.

3. YouTube or Pinterest: YouTube and Pinterest really saved my bad natural hair days. I am thankful that I have the ability to watch videos or pin hairstyles I can try out. I was able to even find some protective style ideas on YouTube by watching wig reviews.

4. "Good Hair, bad hair" Comparison: When I was transitioning it was a struggle, my hair was ROUGH. All of those chemicals, new growth, and relaxed ends almost made me give up! I would look at my best friends hair, it's curly and silky. While, my hair is breaking combs! Yet, I didn't give up. I was able to get past the "Good hair, bad hair," comparison. Hair is just hair. Whether it is silky, curly, kinky, or coily. It's hair, don't compare your hair to others. Love the hair that grows out of your scalp and find out what works best for it.

I hope these tips help as you continue your natural hair journey. "Do what works for you!" As always "Embrace God, Love You, & Be Fashioned for Hem!"

~ Shishandra D.


Shishandra Devlin is the writer, poet, fashionista, and creative mind behind this avenue.  She loves to create budget friendly fits through shopping, sewing,  or thrifiting that are thought provokingly cute, yet economically savvy. 

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