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White Party Bohemian Look

Hey Fashioned Family!! I just wanted to share my look from last night with you all. "All White Party," honoring the Pastors of Life Changers Church of God In Christ. The 21st celebration was much needed as these 2 vessels go beyond the call of pastoral duties. They are parents for myself and so many others!! If you are ever in the Tallahassee area I invite you to come join us.

Here is the look from yesterday:

White Dress

I wasn't initially going for a bohemian or egyprian princess looked but I felt like my braids would throw the look off, So I opted for a head band which I turned into a head piece. This brought the look together and was SUPER DUPER cute and still classy. The dress and gold leaf handband were purchased from Henri Girl Boutique, visit them here.

Here is another view:

I loved the pleats and the detailed waist, it's sheer with gold striping. Looking at the dress you would miss the waist detail but it was fab and my favorite part of this garment. I accessorized with a gold bracelet, pearl earrings, and a pearl bracelet. I did not wear a necklace as the top was a V cut neckline.

This was me after I arrived home and was winding down. As always I pair my look with a smile and a glow. It's never about the clothing but how you rock it.

Embrace God, Love You, & Be Fashioned for Hem!


Shishandra Devlin is the writer, poet, fashionista, and creative mind behind this avenue.  She loves to create budget friendly fits through shopping, sewing,  or thrifiting that are thought provokingly cute, yet economically savvy. 

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