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Lacie Skirt, S.H.E., & Tea

Happy Beautiful Sunday All! Today has been such a gorgeous day in Florida despite the rain. But I want to share with you all my Saturday experience. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to spend the first part of my day at the S.H.E. Tea- Self Health Empowerment for Women of Faith hosted by Temple Fit.

SHE Tea flyer_edited.jpg

This event included 3 dynamic speakers, fine tea, and a vendor opportunity for me. First, let me tell you I left this event feeling empowered, renewed, and refreshed. The event was similar to a fellowship amongst women of faith. A bonus was the tea, food, and workshop material. The camaraderie was amazing!!

Before I talk about the "Lacie skirt," I want to share some empowering moments that I received from the SHE Tea:

  • As women we have to be mindful of our conversations with ourselves. Ensuring that those spiritual moments that we have are healthy and empowering.

  • We cannot give out what is not within, say something positive intentionally to yourself daily for example, I am beautiful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • Make sure you fuel up. Get the rest that is needed and take a moment for you. It is easy for us to give to everyone where we leave our tank empty. As we know, a car cannot run on an empty tank. Fuel up and allow that fuel to be healthy.

Those are just some of the AMAZINGLY wonderful empowering moments that I took with me after attending the event. The vendor opportunity was a blessing as I was able to meet and network with many future clients. Here is my vending table:


As you can see I have beautiful arrangment of mini dress form pin cushions, photo album of looks I created for myself or clients, and other decor. I was elated that I thought of bringing my dress form which featured "The Royal," skirt. Here are some more upclose pictures:


Here is the back of the "Royal,":


Again, I loved being able to be a vendor for the SHE tea. In addition, I created the "Lacie," pencil skirt to wear to the tea. I loved the "Sunshine," yellow lace dress SO much that I designed a pink lace pencil skirt with an over exposed green back zipper. Check out my SHE tea look:


As you can see I loved the "Lacie," pencil skirt. Here you can see the over exposed back green zipper. I paired the "Lacie," with a circle dot bow tie blouse, neon yellow heels, rose gold watch and bracelet. The look was completed with a pair of thrifted multi-colored earrings.


To achieve this beautiful look:

Similar Bow Tie Blouse

Similar Pink Lace Pencil Skirt

Neon Yellow Heels

Rose Gold Cross Bracelet

Rose Gold Watch

Rose Gold Floral Earrings

I love being able to share with you all my Fashioned For Hem experiences. I am going to end with another empowering tip: A mirror can be defined as anything that faithfully reflects or gives a true picture of self. What does your mirror reflect about you?

~Embrace God, Love You, & be Fashioned For Hem!

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