• Shishandra D.

Boho Chic -OOTD

It's thrifted and providing that Boho Chic style! Boho originates from the word Bohemian which conveys free-spirited, vintage style mixed with a little hippie. This light tan dress is flowy and a the lace details is what really brings in that "Boho Chic," vibe.

I paired it with a red orange earring and necklace. I wore a rose gold watch and rose gold wedges to finish off the look. See the wedges here:

The dress overlay is sheer with a short slip underneath it. Showing the illusion of legs, see below:

I purchased the dress from the Goodwill for $5.99. The maxi dress is a great add to my summer wardrobe. I hope you like the look and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I wasn't initially attracted to this dress when I purchased it, yet, I knew that it would be great to wear out and it was not to revealing.

So add a little Boho Chic to your summer wardrobe and don't be afraid to add a floral hand band, give your look that pop of color!

Remember Love you, Embrace Your Style, & Be Fashioned For Hem!

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