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Make Me Blush

Hey Fashionista's!

Today I wanted to share with you all one of my fav lip colors! I apply this lip color when I want something neutral, not to over the top, and when I am not wearing any makeup for the day. Some days I like to be all natural and bare faced! Not wearing make up every day is better for my skin (acne prone, sensitive skin). Here is "Make Me Blush,” by Wet-N-Wild:

I would describe this lip stick as a golden brown, her is a swatch of the color:

As you can see, it goes really well with my skin complexion. Below, I am au natural only wearing lip stick:

I purchased this from CVS for less than $1.00 (sale). I don't like paying full price for anything!! So CVS always has their makeup on sale. Look for the deals ladies and clip coupons.

Again, "Make Me Blush," is a beautiful neutral lip color. I feel beautiful and love that I was able to add this lip stick to enhance that beauty. I hope you all have a lovely day. Remember to say something good to yourself today!!

You are beautiful, you are a light, be you, and be Fashioned For Hem!!

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